Easley High School Thirty-Something Class Reunion




Hail Alma Mater, dear, may thine be naught to fear.

Thine be the strength to bear, from year to year,

Yield we our hearts to thee, spirit of loyalty,

Our love will ever be, Easley, for thee.


Thine be the right alone; justly thy cause has grown;

Honor and far renown shall be thy own,

Teach us thy ways to know, thy blessings to bestow;

Flushed be thy emblem's glow, Easley to thee.


Then when we drop the fight, others will bear thy light;

Light high the "Green and White" and carry on.

Ne'er may thy creed decay, but live from day to day;

First, last eternally, Easley for thee!

Words by William Patterson,  '27